To honor and to celebrate PFA’s 70th birthday, the Alumni Association is both excited and pleased, in partnership with PFA, to launch the “Reignite70” fundraising campaign.

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Meet our Team

While our officers are diverse in their backgrounds all officers share the collective responsibility of enabling the association to forge forward with its goals.

Our Officers

Pine Forge Academy

Pine Forge Academy audaciously lays claim to a bold and new vision for God’s sons and daughters.

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We need you!

The Alumni Association needs you to respond to the following PFA needs:

  • Dormitories- Cafeteria- Scholarships- Student Center, …

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Become a Class Agent

The Alumni Association believes Class Agents are a key ingredient to the creation of an inclusive and supportive environment for the Academy. Class Agents will serve as the point of entry connection to strengthening the bonds between the Alumni Association, the Academy, and the entire PFA village of supporters.

Interested in becoming an Alumni Association Class Agent?

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Sharing common interests, bonding, creating friendships and memories that last a lifetime. 

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